1 Day Workshops & Other MN Locations

Upcoming STEM Workshops at our Little Canada Location:

Photoshop Editing
Sunday, April 8, Noon-3pm
Learn to create an enhance photos with photoshop.
Cost: $49          Ages: 10-14          Register

Minecraft: Redstone
Saturday, April 14th, 10am-Noon
Participate in building challenges and learn more about Redstone.
Cost: $35          Ages: 7-12          Register

Robotic Builders
Saturday, April 21, 9am-Noon
Using the Wedo Lego robotic system, we will build robotic creations and program them with a computer.
Cost: $49          Ages: 6-10          Register


3D Design & Printing
Sunday, May 6, Noon-3pm
Learn how to use 3D modeling software to print a 3D creation.
Cost: $49          Ages: 10-14          Register

Crazy Lego Engineering
Saturday, May 19, 9am-Noon
Make crazy action contraptions using LEGOs.
Cost: $49          Ages: 5-9          Register

Minecraft Mini Games and Challenges
Sunday, May 20, Noon-2pm
Play mini games and do challenges in Minecraft.
Cost: $35          Ages: 10-14          Register

Minecraft Mods: Ore
Saturday, June 2, 9am-Noon
Using Java, we will make a custom ore, to add to Minecaft.
Cost: $49          Ages: 8-13          Register

Game Coding
Using Scatch we’ll make a video game.
Saturday, June 9, 10am-Noon
Cost: $35          Ages: 8-13          Register

Friday,  June 15, 9am-Noon
Using the Mindstorm robotics system, build and compete in a sumo tournament.
Cost: $49          Ages: 8-13          Register

Lego Cars
Friday,  June 22, 10am-Noon
We will make Lego cars, using rubber bands, motors and more.
Cost: $35          Ages: 5-10          Register

Star Wars Jedi Movie Making
Monday,  July 2, 10-Noon
Learn to make a stop-motion Star Wars mini-movie.
Cost: $35          Ages: 8-13          Register

Minecraft Engineering
Friday,  July 13, 10-Noon
Using our Legos, create a Minecraft world.
Cost: $35          Ages: 5-9          Register

We partner with many local schools and community educations to offer over 100 classes and workshops throughout Minnesota. Classes are offered at night, on non-school days (MEA, Winter, Spring and Summer Breaks) and Weekends. Please visit this page for a complete listing: